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Packers and Movers Services

Though the notion of “packers and movers services” is quite western, it has been even effectively practiced in our country now. Over the years, with the busy schedule and fast-paced lives, shifting has become synonymous with added stress and hassle. We know that shifting can be both physically and mentally draining; leaving the neighborhood can be emotionally challenging and added the physical pressure of packing and moving.

With an aim to ease you through the process, Dhaka Movers has launched its path-breaking packing and moving services. Our excellent team works with the utmost integrity to make sure 100% customer satisfaction- happy clients are what we value the most!

Also, there is a myth that hiring packers and movers expensive, but we got your back. We charge the least, and it makes us affordable to the mass.

Also, there is a myth that hiring packers and movers is expensive, but we have your back. We charge the least, and it makes us affordable to the masses.


Our Services

WE offer an array of services and offer a complete package that covers the whole moving process. We have a specialized team trained for each packers and movers service to provide you optimum support. Customers can avail of the complete package as well as the individual service package as per their convenience.

Property Inspection

First things first, our team goes for property inspection- to both the former and the future relocation spots. A proper inspection helps us estimate the cost and probable schedule for relocating. Also, based on the inspection, we outline our further plans for packing, transportation, loading, and redecoration.

Once the inspection is over, we head for the legal documentation, terms, and conditions, and upon resolving all the legal details, the main task begins.

Shifting: Residential, Office, Local, and Domestic Shifting

Shifting does not mean only house or residential shifting; we have expanded the shifting facilities to another level. From house, office, local to even domestic, our shifting services cover them all.

  • House shifting: When it comes to house shifting, nothing can meet the stress and hectic workload. Living in the same house and packing everything simultaneously is extremely difficult. There are chances of damaging fragile items, packing mistakes, and mismanagement. To provide a successful house shifting without any mess- we opt for proper planning at first. We provide packing materials, furniture disassembly services, and most importantly, we provide planned and organized packing.
  • Office Shifting: Though office shifting is not as emotionally draining as house relocation yet, there are certain risk factors. To be precise, office relocation means shifting some valuable goods such as electronic machinery, furniture, production machinery and also files and important papers. Any mistakes regarding office relocation can cost you a lot. Thus we have an experienced task force that is trained thoroughly to provide office shifting services. From packing all the vulnerable belongings to redecorating the new office, we are thereby your side. Our team pays extra attention in loading the office stuff in the transports so that there remains no chance of any damage.
  • Local Shifting: Local shifting means relocation within the city; it is relatively less hectic to carry goods within the city, yet proper management is essential. For local shifting, we provide truck service in the town. The cost estimation and time duration are relatively less in this service.
  • Domestic Shifting: In our domestic shifting program, we provide shifting facilities across the whole country. No matter to which place you want to relocate, we have our services open to every part. For domestic shifting, we have transportation choices; by road, air, or water routes. We choose according to your convenience. Different transportations may cost different; what we ensure is utmost safety to your belongings.


The most important factor in moving or shifting is proper packing, and it takes years of experience to perform a successful packing task to maintain the safety of the goods. So, with packing, the first challenge is to pack everything and not leave anything behind (except the decluttered things).

To ensure proper packing, we do our home inspection before the actual packing session. During the inspection process, we get an idea regarding the packing material, and packing time and create an overall strategy.

We provide all the necessary packing materials; from fragile goods to large furniture, our packing materials cover them all. Next up, our team starts packing room by room, and once they are done, for convenience, we do labeling as well.

Dhaka Movers has high-quality packing materials- crates, boxes, padded boxes for fragile items, boxes for crockeries, and kitchen appliances, and we have it all. Even customers don’t need to disassemble the furniture. Just leave the house upon us, and we will pack everything you want to take.


This is probably the most ignored part of the moving process, yet transportation determines the safety of your belongings to an extent. A bad driver or even an unfit vehicle is all to ruin the cargo inside. Reckless driving can damage the cargo and mostly the fragile items inside; thus, our drivers are trained to drive properly even under extreme road conditions.

Apart from the road route, we also provide air and marine route services. Air route generally costs a bit much, but the safety is guaranteed. Some of the parts of our country cannot be accessed without marine routes, so you have our back on water routes as well.

Load/ Unload Services

Loading and unloading need expert hands; otherwise, there strong chance of damaging goods during this process. We have a team that works only for loading and unloading and works with pro-level experience.

Most of the time, packers’ and movers’ services do not include expert loading and unloading services. As a result, the workers do not set the packages properly inside the cargo and occupy more space than needed. This leads to more transporting vehicles and extreme costs.

Our team knows how to fit and put the boxes inside the cargo, thus taking up less space and transporting less. And the cost gets minimized.

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